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Windows Microsoft's "You find it, you keep it" campaign, which directly attacks Apple, has seen another instalment. The first one, with Lauren criticising Apple for its pricing policy and lack of choice, was met with mixed reviews, and I'm sure the second one will not be received any differently. Giampaolo disses Apple for a lack of power and being all about aesthetics.
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RE[4]: That's all nice and good
by reez on Sun 5th Apr 2009 13:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: That's all nice and good"
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I agree with all, but quickly.

You can do all that stuff on Windows (and I do it), but some of these things are really painful and not quick. You could build images, but that can also be a lot of extra work. The problem is Windows isn't optimized for doing a lot of things quick, but on the other hand this isn't really one of the goals Windows really tries to accomplish, even if there seems to be some work.

Setting up a non-Microsoft development environment for example can really take a long time and be a pain.

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