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Windows Microsoft's "You find it, you keep it" campaign, which directly attacks Apple, has seen another instalment. The first one, with Lauren criticising Apple for its pricing policy and lack of choice, was met with mixed reviews, and I'm sure the second one will not be received any differently. Giampaolo disses Apple for a lack of power and being all about aesthetics.
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RE[3]: What idiots
by mono on Sun 5th Apr 2009 13:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What idiots"
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Your comment is really funny. So Windows has only one problem: FUD on the internet. Of course Windows itself is perfect - its just the users that are a little bit limited!

You should concentrate on what you would like to express with your words not trying to fight others. You can't deny that it's just plain FUD. There are no reasons, no descriptions just that Windows is bad.

Yeah, especially when the OS almost goes to its knees when you put in a CD with a few scratches and things like that...

At my workplace I work on macs. I always have more problems with them than pcs. Mac OS X is not better in any way so it's totally pointless to make bold statements. For intance last time I was scanning something at work then this happened:
Then a few weeks ago i got a new wd passport usb hdd and I had to connect it to the mac. Mac OS X had a kernel panic instantly i connected the drive. Can you show me another operating system which freezes when you connect a usb device?

And then there is Transmission, the btclient. I've never seen anything like that on any other system that an application which doesn't use any additional drivers/kernel extensions can hang the whole system without being able to do ANYTHING just moving around the beach ball of death.

Let alone the fact that Apple engineers were pissing on security as we've read after every pwn2own contest...

You know that's why I know that it's bullshit what you're talking about. Because i experienced for years that OS X is not better at all. Not even from a usability point of view.

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