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FreeBSD The FreeBSD team has pushed out the first test build of FreeBSD 7.2, a beta release. "The first of the test builds for the FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE cycle is now available. Testing of two recent changes to the system would be particularly valuable. The bce(4) network driver was updated a few days ago. And some significant work was done on the threading libraries a short time ago that is known to fix several major issues but testing to see if it introduced any regressions would be appreciated."
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I guess I've just become used to the assumption that I will need another computer nearby, Internet-connected and with a working browser, to consult my manuGoogle if I have problems, but I don't see lack of a graphical installer as a huge loss. I know it's often cited as one of those things that keeps Joe Sixpack and his grandma away from Unix-ish open-source OSes, but then again you can't get online with Windows while doing an install, either.

What's more important for inexperienced users in my mind is good hardware detection and assistance with things like disk partitioning (though again, Windows up through XP at least wasn't exceedingly helpful in that latter area).

I've never installed MacOS so don't know about them.

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