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In the News We've been following the recent news about IBM potentially buying Sun, and the internet had more or less accepted that big blue was going to be the new owners of Sun Microsystems. However, the omnipresent "people close to the matter" have told the New York Times that IBM has withdrawn its offer, and that the deal is now off.
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Synergy between Apple and Sun...
by _yc_ on Mon 6th Apr 2009 09:11 UTC
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I can't help thinking that there is a pretty good complementary fit and potential for synergy between Apple and Sun Microsystems if Steve wanted to go into the high end server market. Considering that Sun is dirt cheap right now with a market cap under 7 Billion and Apple has 25 Billion in the bank. Sun's technology alone is worth that money not to mention their high end customer base which is difficult for Apple to crack alone.

1. Both companies have great software and hardware.
2. Both companies have a processor design group.
3. Sun does high end servers while Apple does everything else.
4. Apple already plans to integrate Sun's ZFS.
5. NeXT Step ran on on Sun OS at one point.

Who knows, may be Eric Schmidt can advise Steve and help pull it off.

The question is: Is there money to be made by Apple in the high end server market? I think the answer is yes. Apple could invest and enhance all of Sun's products and become a force in the high end server market. Apple is very well positioned in the industry to weather the recession and perhaps it is time for Apple to seize the moment and be bold.

Just imagine "powerful and reliable high end servers that are easy to use" from Apple/Sun. Imagine Cocoa/WebObjects running on top of enhanced version of OS X / Solaris with Java integrated for application development or imagine Sun server technologies trickling down to OS X servers.

Apple would be the only company that truly covers all scales of computing with it's own hardware and software. From wearable iPods, to handhelds, laptops, desktops, low end and high end servers.

Time will tell.

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