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Microsoft Jonathan Shapiro, main developer of Coyotos and BitC, has announced on the project's mailing list that he has been hired by Microsoft, and that he won't be able to continue to work on Coyotos and BitC. He promises to deliver a final release of BitC, with all the intended features, but he warns that that may not be possible. At Microsoft, he's going to work on the Midori project.
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RE: Well Done
by abstraction on Mon 6th Apr 2009 11:37 UTC in reply to "Well Done"
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Yes! Give up your hopes and dreams and come work for Microsoft.

We have the best operating system in the world. It is fast, secure and popular! How do we know this? It has the most users!

We care about what our customers think - that is why every time a program "exits" a little box will appear where you can fill in your thoughts about the experience because we trust the judgement of our users more than our programmers! We always reply to these.

In the next version will be focusing on cloud computing - an incredible new cool feature that lets your computer talk to another one. Wow!

And remember, for every dollar we earn you will be given an extra pad on the back. Because we couldn't have done it without your help.


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