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General Unix Take a look at some systems that enable you to trace the execution of applications and work out what they are doing without having to make any modifications to the source code, and even without having to stop and restart the application. See how with tracing alone, you can find and diagnose problems with just a few commands.
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RE: DTrace superior. (dtrace for linux)
by crisp on Mon 6th Apr 2009 11:49 UTC in reply to "DTrace superior."
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dtrace is great - and in fact, the many competitors are great too (kprobes, systemtap, oprofile, prof, kgdb, etc).

Dtrace is now available for linux - as the maintainer/author of the port, it is written as a compilable module you add to your kernel, i.e. no source code hacks or proprietary stuff.

Look here

and source is downloadable from there too.

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