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General Unix Take a look at some systems that enable you to trace the execution of applications and work out what they are doing without having to make any modifications to the source code, and even without having to stop and restart the application. See how with tracing alone, you can find and diagnose problems with just a few commands.
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RE: DTrace superior.
by rcsteiner on Mon 6th Apr 2009 16:37 UTC in reply to "DTrace superior."
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It isn't that hard to create your own logging facility and trigger various stages of logging detail by sending signals to the running process.

We do that all the time with real-time message processing applications. Most of the time they log minimal information unless we're doing active troubleshooting, and then I can dump the world. :-)

No special debugger or external software required. Just a logging routine, tail, and more (or grep for searching).

Of course, we're only running dozens of trans/second max. Then again, we have four discrete levels of logging detail not including OFF, and it wouldn't be too hard to change things.

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