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Debian and its clones Two new architectures based on the FreeBSD-kernel have been added to the Debian Archive. This makes Debian the first distribution, and probably the first large OS, to support two completely different kernels at the same time. "The two new architectures (well, better named OS i think, as they use a different kernel) are available in unstable and experimental. We do start out empty, importing only what is needed to get a build running. For this reason you will not be able to directly use it immediately. Please wait until they catched up, which I expect to happen soon."
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I would like one covering:

-Installation - I read it needs a BSD disk partitioning utility meaning not many people would be able to install it.

-Hardware Support - Binary blobs have been removed according to Debian(should've used a free BSD kernel instead of a FreeBSD one :p). How many things do not work that would in FreeBSD?

-Desktop Environment and Software - Does anything work at all?

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