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Mozilla & Gecko clones The browser wars are well underway. Apple released a beta for Safari 4, Chrome 2.0 is in beta, Internet Explorer 8 has just been released, and Firefox 3.5 is almost here. Still, that isn't stopping the Mozilla team from looking ahead, beyond Firefox 3.5. They call it Firefox 3.6, but since that version number is likely to be bumped higher, they actually prefer the code name Namoroka, or the alternative name A new roadmap for Namoroka has been published, and it details some interesting goals.
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Firefox already fits quite well into a GTK desktop.

It does, until you try to use something like the global menu bar. Believe it or not, it's the main reason I use Epiphany instead of Firefox. If Firefox ever uses GTK (instead of XUL? whatever it is) for Linux, then I would go back to it, because it really is an amazing browser.

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