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Mozilla & Gecko clones The browser wars are well underway. Apple released a beta for Safari 4, Chrome 2.0 is in beta, Internet Explorer 8 has just been released, and Firefox 3.5 is almost here. Still, that isn't stopping the Mozilla team from looking ahead, beyond Firefox 3.5. They call it Firefox 3.6, but since that version number is likely to be bumped higher, they actually prefer the code name Namoroka, or the alternative name A new roadmap for Namoroka has been published, and it details some interesting goals.
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"I'll be happy when it isn't such a bloated pile of crap. I know that won't happen though.

A selection of WebKit-based browsers is on the way. FF will soon be toast.

well I dont agree that FF will all of a sudden be toast, BUT I do agree with what you're saying.

Chrome and Safari will be very similar browsers (aimed at slightly different markets?) and both are already showing a lot of promise.

I personally think FF will face tougher competition from google chrome than from IE. My only reason for not switching yet is lack of a linux version. As soon as one of these major browsers fixes the linux integration issues - I'll be sold. That said, konqueror is very nice these days but it really needs better support for multimedia stuff. it works most of the time but sometimes the nspluginwrapper just doesn't want to work - i realise its not all their fault but it is stopping me from using konqueror 100% nonetheless.

Really looking forward to chrome reaching v1.0 for linux.

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