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Mozilla & Gecko clones The browser wars are well underway. Apple released a beta for Safari 4, Chrome 2.0 is in beta, Internet Explorer 8 has just been released, and Firefox 3.5 is almost here. Still, that isn't stopping the Mozilla team from looking ahead, beyond Firefox 3.5. They call it Firefox 3.6, but since that version number is likely to be bumped higher, they actually prefer the code name Namoroka, or the alternative name A new roadmap for Namoroka has been published, and it details some interesting goals.
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RE: Released by xmas 2010?
by Nalle on Tue 7th Apr 2009 05:31 UTC in reply to "Released by xmas 2010?"
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Does it really matter? As long as it's done when it arrives?

That is, in my opinion, the very thing that makes OSS great! The best projects don't arrive till they're done. So what if they make guesstimates when they think it should be done - as long as they don't deploy it till it's ready, it's all nice and dandy if you ask me.

It's not Vista you know. They don't have to deliver cr@p just to get it out of the door early to please the stockholders....

I sometimes pity Microsoft's developers, when it's clear that the function in question is really brilliant, but is poorly implemented because they do not get enough time for QA and bug removal. Don't let that happen to FF.

Just let them deliver a product they think is good enough for prime time, and I will (im)patiently be waiting.

Nalle Berg

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