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OSNews, Generic OSes En weer een week voorbij, dus weer tijd voor een weekoverzicht. This week saw some interesting developments, mostly around Conficker and GNOME, but we also had some browser news, Shuttleworth on Windows 7, and more details on the Palm Pre. This week's My Take is about Firefly.
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RE: Farscape
by tryfan on Tue 7th Apr 2009 09:43 UTC in reply to "Farscape"
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Is the following allowed...?
Best... sci-fi... ever!
The truth should always be allowed ;)
Farscape is not only a terrific s/f television show, it's also good s/f anyway you look at it. The story is carried by an ensemble of terrific actors (like BSG), not by a few big stars.
A terrible shame that they scrapped season 5, though. The mini series was OK, but since they had to wrap up 22 episodes in just 3-4, it feels kind of - short.

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