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Windows Continuing the recently started trend at Microsoft to be a bit more aggressive towards the competition, Brandon LeBlanc wrote on the Windows Experience Weblog about why Windows is such a huge success on netbooks compared to Linux. Also, what is up with that story on AppleInsider about Microsoft offering Windows-7-to-XP downgrade rights? Is that really so special?
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RE: Yawn...
by Knuckles on Tue 7th Apr 2009 09:57 UTC in reply to "Yawn..."
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Same here. I want to buy a netbook with linux and I basically can't. Aside from the original aspire one, and the original EEEs (7xx, 9xx) there's nothing else.

I would have bought an EEE PC 1000H right there the first time I found it in a store if there were a linux version. But alas... Searching far and wide it never seemed to turn up, and none of the others carry linux.

So basically it's back to the same: all of them ship with windows, and microsoft gets to claim all those sales, although there are people that the first thing they do is wipe windows and never run it again.

As for "Linux had every chance to become a decent household name here, but for some reason, they blew it", I'd say not really.
The manufacturers blew it with poor distros (instead of a decent, big name distro with a customizations, but still access to all the normal repositories, updates, and a proper desktop), and poor linux support - for most netbooks when released they came with binary drivers for some things (the acpi on eee pcs for one), and took a while to get the sources and the proper patches upstream, where they should have been all along.

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