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Windows Continuing the recently started trend at Microsoft to be a bit more aggressive towards the competition, Brandon LeBlanc wrote on the Windows Experience Weblog about why Windows is such a huge success on netbooks compared to Linux. Also, what is up with that story on AppleInsider about Microsoft offering Windows-7-to-XP downgrade rights? Is that really so special?
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RE[2]: Ubuntu
by ArcadeFX on Tue 7th Apr 2009 10:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Ubuntu "
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If you buy PC with windows, you support MS, no matter if you wipe out it ASAP ;)

True dat...

I am a registered MS partner. ;) I have a number of copies of Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, etc. Supporting Microsoft isn't a problem.

I just prefer Linux for certain things: Servers (Web, Mail, File), netbooks, embedded computers, etc.

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