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SkyOS Robert Szeleny has given a short update on the status of SkyOS. "For the last weeks and as it looks like quite a few more weeks I'm in contact with a lot of people talking about their ideas to continue SkyOS development. Unfortunately many people completely underestimate the amount of work required to manage a development team for SkyOS, either an open or closed source version, or completely lack vision and or motivation and or seriousness. Anyway, I'm still reading through my inbox hoping to get in contact with people with real motives and knowledge being able to bring SkyOS to the next level."
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Great OS
by ArcadeFX on Tue 7th Apr 2009 11:36 UTC
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I hope it continues. Developing using the SkyOS APIs is great. I was able to port a gaming library in 2-3 days (graphics, sound). It's easy to pick up.

The author has done an incredible OS with limited time, etc.

He needs a mini-team to continue. He could still develop the vision and do special projects, but leave the core development to a group of developers.

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