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Google At OSNews, we've talked about the possibility of Google's Android operating system moving to netbooks quite a few times already. It seems to make sense; it's designed for small displays, is probably light on resources, it's Free and open, and has the backing of a heavyweight company. Lately, the first actual signs of Android moving to netbooks have appeared.
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Stupid idea
by XCoder on Wed 8th Apr 2009 06:23 UTC
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If you really want to use your netbook, you will need processing power. Not only the OS use resources, but the Mozilla, OpenOffice, PDF reader, etc. If you want to use this apps flawlessly with 1024x600 resolution, you will need at least 900Mhz x86 or similar processor, and at least 1GB RAM. But in this case you can use linux or windows on your computer.

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