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In the News We've been following the recent news about IBM potentially buying Sun, and the internet had more or less accepted that big blue was going to be the new owners of Sun Microsystems. However, the omnipresent "people close to the matter" have told the New York Times that IBM has withdrawn its offer, and that the deal is now off.
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"Considering that Sun is dirt cheap right now with a market cap under 7 Billion and Apple has 25 Billion in the bank. Sun's technology alone is worth that money not to mention their high end customer base which is difficult for Apple to crack alone"

Your comparing the irrational debt heavy Consumer market which was refinancing their bubble homes (which are now crashing in prices) to prudent corporate spending which has only increased 5% year over year.

Sun products dont sell since there are cheaper alternatives in the market place. And corporate decisions are based on fast payoffs.

The day of Cadillic spending is over.

Hmmm, a very interesting way indeed to look at SUN and Apple. There are certainly cheaper alternatives to Apple's hardware/software bundles but they are selling like crazy. Perhaps Apple's better design and better marketing could do wonders for SUN's hardware/software bundles.

Note that there is a cloud computing "gold rush" going on which may revive the demand for high end servers back to the internet boom days in the long run. If Apple can strike the perfect blend of OS X+Solaris high end features + impeccable development tools for WebObjects + JAVA running on custom multi Sparc processors servers etc... They could take the world by storm.

Between Apple + Oracle + Google (3 companies with management that are very friendly with each other) they could buy all the parts of SUN.

Time will tell.

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