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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The RC2 release of Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring (code name Estephe) is now available. This RC2 version provides some updates on major desktop components of the distribution, including KDE 4.2.2, GNOME 2.26, server 1.6, and kernel 2.6.29. This RC2 version proposes also nearly all of the 2009 Spring design. This version will allow you also to dump in a very easy way All available One hybrid isos on a USB key and then install Mandriva Linux on netbooks.
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Running it now
by lemur2 on Wed 8th Apr 2009 13:47 UTC
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I am running Mandriva 2009.1 RC2 right now on my ASUS EEEPC 1000H as I type this in Firefox 3.08, connected via wireless LAN with WPA encryption.

Installation was easy as ... I downloaded the KDE One liveCD iso, for europe1 (because that one had the en_AU locale on it), and then installed it to a SDHC card using the dd command as suggested on the Mandriva homepage. I then plugged the SDHC card in to the ASUS EEEPC 1000H netbook, then rebooted from the SDHC card and away it went.

Installation to hard disk took about 20 minutes.

No problems so far. Given the modest performance of the Intel graphics chip on the EEEPC netbook, as can perhaps be expected KDE4 is a bit sluggish when running on batteries at the 800MHz power-saving CPU speed, but it is absolutely fine at normal speeds. Other than that, everything else is working just fine so far out of the box with nothing to configure.

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