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Linux It's rare to see some truly interesting ideas in Linux distributions, as most seem content to just remaster Ubuntu with a different theme. Therefore, we at OSNews are always interested in fresh and interesting distributions that try to add something of value to the landscape. One such distribution is xPUD, a fast-booting, kiosk-like distribution that uses the Mozilla Gecko Runtime to display a simple user interface that allows you to launch normal desktop Linux applications.
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RE[5]: nice lumps
by Isolationist on Thu 9th Apr 2009 07:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: nice lumps"
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Boot time doesn't matter really. Not like you boot your computer every minute or so. What's up with people careing too much for a couple seconds less boot time? In an embedded device it makes sense, but in a desktop PC...

There are way more important things in the Linux world than boot time.

Boot time matters to some people who are on the move using their laptop or netbook. There have often been scenarios for me where I've needed to get to a document quickly to provide some info over the phone, etc ...

It would have been nice in those scenarios if the OS didn't take so long to boot up, so for me I can see why people are interested in boot times and I applaud any effort to improve boot times.

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