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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has struck back at claims made by Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc about Windows' success in netbooks compared to Linux. Most of the claims made by LeBlanc are refuted quite accurately by Canonical's Chris Kenyon in a blog post titled "Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market".
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Its Ubuntu GNU/Linux!
by xsun on Thu 9th Apr 2009 17:04 UTC
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Come on lads, those guys who stand at 'administrative' positions on Canonical dosen't know anything about Free Software (Free as in freedom).

In any point of Canonical guy post he quotes the GNU/Linux operating system. It isn't a Linux distribution, is a GNU/Linux distribution. They use GRUB, bash, GCC and a thousand of other softwares from GNU and they still calling 'linux distribution'. You can forgive users, newspapers, television shows about using 'Linux Distribution' instead GNU/Linux distribution but not those who work directly with it.

'...Canonical, OEM Services' wtf?

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