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GTK+ The Gtk+ team is working on a roadmap to structure the development process of the Gtk+ 3.0 release and to open up the involved decision making progress. The first draft has been sent to the devel mailing list, and is now open for debate. Coincidentally, the draft roadmap also provides a nice overview of the features and changes planned for Gtk+ 3.0.
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A feature I'd like to see
by Moredhas on Thu 9th Apr 2009 22:23 UTC
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I'd like it to be possible to resize multiple desktop icons at once. I like my main launchers to be large enough to take up one edge of my screen, and I usually have about six or seven on my desktop. It's a bit of a PITA to have to resize them individually, and hope they're the same size. What I'd like is to be able to select a few icons at once, right click, resize, and be changing the size of all of them the same way you resize them individually.

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