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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "With [the Win95] release, Apple was tested - and they failed miserably. Not only did I warn Apple to take 95 more seriously, I also accurately forecast the massive decline that would happen to them if they didn't do just that. The MS platform has changed dramatically and it is much greater than just the operating system these days. Apple, on the other hand, hasn't advanced nearly as much but they are predominantly consumer-based today and less vulnerable to this comparative weakness as a result. Just like the last time, they will largely leverage hardware this time, and, as before, they will be up against companies with resources that eclipse their own."
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Well My Opinion:
by Nex6 on Sat 24th Sep 2005 22:37 UTC
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The artical is poorly written, and it starts out with a decent point. but saying Vista will crush Linux and OSX is pretty well, hogwash.

the desktop is desided in the Corprate and Goverment worlds, and both of those worlds are way behind the times in hardware, and "upgrading a few thousand" desktop to be able to handled vista will not happen at least over nite, XP will be the standard until it runs out of its extended support timeframe. after that its anyones game.

with MA choosing Opendocument as a format standard, who knows what the future will hold. and current Jobs has apple fireing on all pistons!!!


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