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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has struck back at claims made by Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc about Windows' success in netbooks compared to Linux. Most of the claims made by LeBlanc are refuted quite accurately by Canonical's Chris Kenyon in a blog post titled "Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market".
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by lemur2 on Fri 10th Apr 2009 06:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by princos70"
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Hi, it's my first post here, after reading this web for some years.

I bought an EEE 901 some months, it came with Linux, tried Windows XP and the only reason to not return to some distribution is because in Linux battery last 5 hours maximum in the same conditions that yields me 6:30 in Windows XP (brigthness 30%, wifi on, clock speed 800 Mhz). Wifi Off, battery lasts around 6 hours in Linux and almost 8 hours in Windows! Tried latest Ubuntu with some tweaks and most duration of battery is 5:30 with wifi on.

You probably need to be running KDE 4.2 to get the battery life when running Linux.

Mandriva 2009.1, which is now in RC stage of pre-release, runs KDE 4.2 and it will work 100% out of the box on an EEE 901.

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