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GTK+ The Gtk+ team is working on a roadmap to structure the development process of the Gtk+ 3.0 release and to open up the involved decision making progress. The first draft has been sent to the devel mailing list, and is now open for debate. Coincidentally, the draft roadmap also provides a nice overview of the features and changes planned for Gtk+ 3.0.
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RE[6]: How about
by OSGuy on Fri 10th Apr 2009 14:29 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: How about"
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One last thing that you've got an image about how great/bad are looking are some things to you: you: you use KDE and KDE till KDE 4 HAVE NO HIG, means no standard UI. Fully agree that buttons were smaller, and it can apply even to your GTK applications. But you miss the point: GNOME is mainly an UI for dumb users. I had loved KDE 3 at it's start, but when I jumped to GNOME, I had found one thing: the UI is invisible to me, I rarely click wrong a menu button or a button, and even I have something really hard to lose: I make a reflex to click OK or Cancel, because of their placing...

In my opinion it is not about clicking on the wrong button but the appearance of the GUI.

I was hoping it will never come to this but I am going to have to show this: -- See that panel/taskbar + toolbars. Not bad at all? Too bad eCS doesn't run on my hardware.

Now that's ecstasy. You see how neat that toolbar is? (the discussion here is GTK and not Linux)

I am not mentioning Windows here delibireately just to show you that someone out there does it right (oops eComStation IS Windows).

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