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PC-BSD PC-BSD, the desktop-oriented FreeBSD variant, has released version 7.1, dubbed Galileo. In case you don't know, PC-BSD is a FreeBSD distribution with lots of customisations focussed on the desktop user. Its most defining features is the Push Button Installer, a self-contained package format with handy installers/uninstallers. PC-BSD 7.1 comes loaded with changes and updates.
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RE[2]: PBI's
by foldingstock on Sat 11th Apr 2009 00:42 UTC in reply to "RE: PBI's"
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Please see the implication: Let's say programs A, B and C depend on library L, and due to a security update L has been updated to L'. On a regular FreeBSD system, you would update L to L' and everything's fine. On PC-BSD, it isn't that easy. PBI maintainers would first have to create PBI packages A', B' and C' that include L' instead of L, and then you would need to download and install them - manually.

This is why the PCBSD maintainers included a very nice, user-friendly PBI update utility. The system periodically checks for updates. When updated PBI's are found, the user is notified and the PBI's can be automatically downloaded.

No manual work needed on the user end. ;)

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