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Graphics, User Interfaces We've all seen the early demos of something called "BumpTop", a sort of 3D desktop where files are presented as 3D objects with physical properties. Recently, the project moved from concept to product with the release of BumpTop 1.0. The big question now is: are we dealing with the next big thing in desktop computing, or just a gimmick?
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sweet... but ultimately worthless.
by mrnagrom on Sat 11th Apr 2009 17:00 UTC
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So now we can take the "desktop" metephor and make is more prone to logicless .. i'm perfectly happy on os x with my desktop disabled... i use spotlight for everything, if i want to find all pdf's i type pdf into it. i think meta tag groups would be more useful...

bumptop is a gimmick.. it's just taking the current system and adding usless features.

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