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Linux Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computer World asks himself when he first started using Linux after attending the Linux Foundation Summit where several others were asked the same question. The Linux Foundation has posted a video of some of the answers; boy, do I feel young.
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Red Hat
by GCrain on Sun 12th Apr 2009 00:04 UTC
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I paid for the official RedHat 5.1 back in 1998. It came with some decent books. I tried installing it and got absolutely nowhere. I couldn't get the dial-up to work for me to connect to the internet. i didn't know what kind of clock chip was in my video card, and couldn't get the resolution correct. When it locked up, I couldn't figure out how to get back or what the equivalent to CTRL-ALT Delete was. It was SOOO frustrating. I had a hard time even shutting down. Apparently, UNIX isn't supposed to be shutdown back then and would get several warnings when trying to do so.

Things sure have improved though. Modern distros are _miles_ ahead of what I tried back then.

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