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"We can learn so much"
by oelewapperke on Sun 12th Apr 2009 11:47 UTC
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moral superiority over the rest of the world, just because we go to a voting booth every four years, but the fact of the matter is that we can learn so much from other cultures.

Gee I wonder which culture pushed that whole forgiveness thing ? I seem to recall something about a carpenter that got killed by Roman soldiers. Might have something to do with it ...

We are losing our moral superiority, due to idiocy like this. If we learn from Rwanda's example, we will allow massive fertility, leading to shortages, and we will learn to allow massacres to solve the problem the idiotically large birth rate caused (yes ours is too small, but only a little bit, we certainly cannot survive even small minorities with a birthrate of 5 or higher)

And then we'll have to do it again, 10 years later.

Surely we can learn so much from other cultures. Or maybe Rwanda could learn a thing or two from us.

We should have confidence in our own culture, and look specifically for little things that some other cultures improve slightly. We should copy those small things, and for the rest push our own culture onto them.

Sorry, but one's view of Rwanda changes once you've actually seen the place and met the people. The problem in Rwanda is the remainder of the ottoman muslim culture and the constant population explosions and civil wars it causes. The problem is muslim "black gold" (and no, I don't mean oil, I mean the black gold from before 1950, black slaves, kidnapped and sold into slavery by muslim ottoman provincial theocracies).

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