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PC-BSD PC-BSD, the desktop-oriented FreeBSD variant, has released version 7.1, dubbed Galileo. In case you don't know, PC-BSD is a FreeBSD distribution with lots of customisations focussed on the desktop user. Its most defining features is the Push Button Installer, a self-contained package format with handy installers/uninstallers. PC-BSD 7.1 comes loaded with changes and updates.
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RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai
by Doc Pain on Sun 12th Apr 2009 15:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
Doc Pain
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I don't have problem with Flash per se, but more with the fact that it's such a badly coded program. [...] That's really unacceptable. Flash is a total and utter disaster, and the coders working on it today over at Adobe should be FIRED.

Whoa, finally such a statement! :-) But I agree. I had "Flash" installed for few days and finally kicked it off the disk because it's really bad quality-wise (set into relation to hardware requirements and overall speed).

For all I care, the entire world switches to a patent-encumbered uber-closed source Flash replacement written by Adolf Hitler - if it doesn't require a quad core machine just to play a stamp-sized video, I'd be happy.

Well, I think there are already opensource alternatives that could accomplish that. If something with the functionality of "Flash" would be included in the bew browser - including the ability to switch it off, just like Opera handles images (can show them, can be set no to show them); now that would be great.

Can you imagine a web where you need a proprietary program (that isn't available for your platform) just to see text, to see images? Like a plugin for JPG, another for PNG and a third one for text, typeset for block mode and with the ability to scale the font size? And where you need an update every few months to keep the same functionality? And where web developers do their coding so poorly (or even leave it to some stupid application) so if you want to enter a specific web page, you won't even know if you're on the correct page because you're missing an up-to-date plugin?

Of course I would like to see PC-BSD to have all the things that average users "depend on" right from the start, including a "Flash" player (and if it's "only" a Linux variant) and all the media codecs. I know it's possible to install them afterwards, but for some users, it's even too complicated to download the PBIs and install them. I'm aware of the fact that there may be legal issues with including all the codecs, but that is what matters to users: Legal restriction? No, I don't care, I want to see the dancing elephants! So why not include everything? This would really make life easier, because users see the ability to play any kind of video a "basic functionality", not an "add-on functionality".

Ah yes, and if Adolf Hitler would really create the uber-closed "Flash" replacement, all the english speaking countries wouldn't use it, because they cannot understand "Fehler von in den Blitzen Spieler #45: Heben Hand auf den Mausen und Klicken das Nopf!" :-)

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