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Linux It's rare to see some truly interesting ideas in Linux distributions, as most seem content to just remaster Ubuntu with a different theme. Therefore, we at OSNews are always interested in fresh and interesting distributions that try to add something of value to the landscape. One such distribution is xPUD, a fast-booting, kiosk-like distribution that uses the Mozilla Gecko Runtime to display a simple user interface that allows you to launch normal desktop Linux applications.
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I hope this will go futher
by reez on Sun 12th Apr 2009 22:05 UTC
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While I think the boot times are not really impressive..
If you strip a distribution down that much and do a bit of optimization it's really not that hard to get Linux booting in <10 secs. Yes I've done it, just to try it!

But it really looks like something that would be a good replacement for these BAD netbook OSs. In fact I've tried in on my Aspire ONE and it booted in 5 secs (it said - that IS fast!), but it said "Coming soon..." everywhere.

It seems to me that it could be the perfect Distribution for than non-PC user! So please make this project a success! The computer market needs things, like this.

I'll have a look how it works, maybe I can contribute somehow.

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