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Linux Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computer World asks himself when he first started using Linux after attending the Linux Foundation Summit where several others were asked the same question. The Linux Foundation has posted a video of some of the answers; boy, do I feel young.
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by shadowbranch on Mon 13th Apr 2009 12:59 UTC
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I first started messing with it about 1994. I first messed with Red Hat. My dad worked at a big corp. called Sonoco. They make bags and paper and such. He brought home a copy for me to play with cause we just got our first Windows machine and didn't like it all that much. Then when Mandrake came out a few years later, that was heaven! That's when I began using it all the time. Now that I've graduated college, it's all I use. I've done my office desktop with it, my Acer Aspire One runs it, heck even my HTC Tilt run android! I'm a little linux nutty and love promoting it! I built my own processor in college using a software the previous head of IT built. Took 6 months to make a simple 4-bit processor and it could add, subtract, multiply and divide. As well as count down and up. Great software, written in perl! Whoo, I love linux.

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