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Podcasts Kroc Camen meets Thom Holwerda for another attempt at interpreting the stories currently on the homepage. Thom's sound issues have been solved, but as you will find out I had some mic difficulties. GarageBand crashed half way through - again. The show keeps up it's 'unscripted' style! "Read More" for the links and show-notes.
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Some thoughts
by mightshade on Tue 14th Apr 2009 16:01 UTC
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What I really liked about the Podcast was how Thom came across as much gentler than in some of his comments. I find that, on the website, sometimes he sounds very egocentric or arrogant. (Sorry, Thom! Not meant as an attack.) Not so while listening to him talking. I can't put my finger on it, so whatever is different, I'd like to see more of it in the comments.
The English of both of you also is very easy to understand, for me as a non-native speaker. Very good.

There also were some things I disliked, though.
I, too, didn't like the music. However, that's not an issue for me - to each his own, I'll just fast forward.
But, the amount of talking about Linux wasn't for me. I know, I know, it's OSNews. Still, checking the article after listening, I was surprised that it said the topic was "Bump Top" from 12:26 on. While listening, I didn't even notice the introduction of the topic change (must have not been paying attention or something for a minute, not sure) and it was "Linux this, Linux that" all the time to me until the discussion about Firefox.

Furthermore, I didn't like that you discussed almost nothing new, asides from the e-mail responses, of course. I constantly had the feeling of "yeah, read that in a comment. yep, that too.". I see that it's hard to come up with new points on OSNews' stories, considering that most stuff gets discussed extensively. Perhaps "interpreting the stories currently on the homepage" is the wrong concept in the first place. I think you should talk more about background information not currently written here.

So, well, that's my (hopefully) constructive criticism, hth.

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