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GNU, GPL, Open Source On June 29, 2007 the Free Software Foundation released the GNU General Public License, version 3. What happened since then? Federico Biancuzzi had the opportunity to discuss many subjects with the FSF's founder and president Richard Stallman.
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RE[2]: Comment by dvzt
by karl on Tue 14th Apr 2009 21:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by dvzt"
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You know in all likelihood RMS more thoroughly understood the software industry than you ever have, prior to you even being born. Calling him clueless is like saying that Niel Armstrong has no clue when talking about going to the moon.

RMS would answer your question simply: if you don't enjoy writing software you probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place. When you write software others are going to be forced to use it. These users will be at the mercy of your software and if that software is not available in source form and allow for modification then those users have absolutely no ability to change the software to better fit their needs.

RMS's point is that their comes great responsibility with writing software-something which most softwares authors are completely oblivious to. When you realize that you yourself alone cannot shoulder the burden of that responsibility it behooves you to share your code so that others can improve the software for other users.

Right now a handful of Programs dictate how 80% of those who work with computers work-day in and day out. Those people are forced to use this software by their employers and this software becomes a tool of their employers to further dictate how these people do their jobs. When the programs are Free, the employers can hire people to improve the software for their employees, and in turn the employees can have input in the way the software works that they are forced to use.

I see nothing naieve, clueless or arrogant about such.

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