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Windows Graphics drivers developed for Vista, Microsoft's next generation operating system, will be far more stable than their Windows XP-based counterparts, and not crash the operating system anymore, an executive of graphics chip developer ATI said.
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Driver quality from ATI...
by suryad on Sun 25th Sep 2005 03:51 UTC
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...has improved because now if you look at the difference between Nvidia cards and ATI cards in the Opengl game Doom 3 the gap is not as far. ATI did have driver issues I think but I have never had problems with my Mobility 9800 ATI graphics card. This thing is rock solid in any application I throw at it.

Granted it did piss me off that ATI never had driversets for their mobile cards but rather they would allow manufacturers like Dell and HP and so on to release their driversets...till a few months ago. I think ATI makes decent products hardwarewise and softwarewise. Now what remains to be seen is their decent competitor to Nvidia's 7800 GTX.

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