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Microsoft "Microsoft retired mainstream support for Windows XP and Office 2003 today - but that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone should be in a hurry to upgrade to Vista yet. The firm will continue to offer extended support packages on both products through to 8 April 2014, allowing businesses and individuals plenty of time to consider their options before plumping for a new operating system. From today Redmond will charge XP and Office 2003 customers who need assistance on a per-incident, per hour, or alternative basis. The changes apply to all editions of the Office suite as well as all versions of XP with the exception of Embedded. Non-security critical fixes will be available to those punters who signed up to Microsoft’s Extended Hotfix Support program 90 days before mainstream support was killed off. Security updates will be pumped out free of charge for Office 2003 and XP until 4 August 2014."
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by sargek on Wed 15th Apr 2009 13:58 UTC
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Microsoft has support? For the average home user, support is meaningless unless they mean patches and updates. For businesses support is relevant. For home users, Microsoft is a "fire and forget" company: after consumers buy, the relationship ends because they have their money. Sure, you can pay $35 a call to their support, but forget about getting answers. The web is a much better support medium for home users.

For Microsoft's sake, I sure hope Windows 7 does better for them. If they are smart, they will make an upgrade path from XP. If they let Monkey Boy decide, they'll probably force you buy Vista and only provide an upgrade path from Vista so they can get rid of the 27 billion copies of Vista they have laying around...

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