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Windows Now that Windows 7 is more or less finalised on the feature side of things, with the release candidate around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to look back upon what we thought Windows 7 would be - and what we actually hoped Windows 7 would be. So, I dove into our article and comment archive to see how many of our hopes, dreams, and predictions came true.
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RE: My predictions
by FealDorf on Thu 16th Apr 2009 07:27 UTC in reply to "My predictions"
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I wouldn't say Vista is the ME -- honestly; I think it's got more bad rap than it deserved. It wasn't superseded in an year; it got service packs, and it was a technological upgrade for most part... Not to mention; it's got more admirers ME ever did.

I visualized the next version of Windows to build a DirectX+Avalon API atop MinWin. It was more a dream; but seeing Direct2D and DirectWrite I feel more comfortable with that prediction... Think of it as a counterpart to Apple's CF+Cocoa APIs

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