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General Development The rsync utility is a mandatory tool for your command-line work, and you need to learn how to use it for easy, safe, quick laptop-desktop synchronization. This article introduces rsync and mentions several related tools, all of which provide easy synchronization procedures.
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Passwordless + Secure rsync
by killermouse0 on Thu 16th Apr 2009 07:40 UTC
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If you are interested in using automated (i.e : passwordless) rsync backup while keeping it fairly secured, you might be interested in the following :

so that you can make your own 1-click backup or, even better, schedule it through cron (unix/linux) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows).

Of course you can't use rsync alone to do your backups (for one thing, you once synchronized, you won't be able to have a previous version of a file, for example if it got corrupted).

The following article provides a way to get this feature and some more by using rsync + a Solaris 10 machine as the backup server :

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