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Windows Now that Windows 7 is more or less finalised on the feature side of things, with the release candidate around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to look back upon what we thought Windows 7 would be - and what we actually hoped Windows 7 would be. So, I dove into our article and comment archive to see how many of our hopes, dreams, and predictions came true.
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Windows Vista isn't that bad, my girlfriend has a Vista laptop and has no problems with it, she likes the UI and it runs quickly even with Anti-Virus software installed. She hated Linux when I asked her to try it for a day.

I've tried Windows 7, and it is a big improvement over Vista and XP for me, I prefer using it over my Mac OS X system. My Leopard laptop has become slow, and there are so many little things on it that annoy me, especially the finder and startup times.

Starting Windows from scratch would be a nightmare unless they could find a way to continue to support legacy applications, similar to the Mac OS 9 to X transition. The people who upgrade would only suffer in the end.

In work, we have both Windows Server machines and Linux servers. The Linux servers have been rebooted, and also compromised at one point. The windows server has sat happily running without any issues since we purchased with it. To me, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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