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Legal Old World 1, New World 0. The four defendants in the landmark The Pirate Bay case, taking place in Sweden, have all been found guilty, and sentenced to one year in jail. They also received a hefty fine of USD 3.58 million to 17 American media companies, among which are Warner Bros. Entertainment, MGM Pictures, Columbia Pictures Industries, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI, Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, and Activision. The defendants have already stated they will appeal the decision.
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Who bribes who?
by Haicube on Fri 17th Apr 2009 11:38 UTC
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This is indeed very interesting. If you rape a 15year old in Sweden you get in average 6 months jail. So conclusion: Building a search engine for Torrents is twice as bad as raping a child.

This is so sad... luckily Pirate Party exists!

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