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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu team has released the release candidate for Ubuntu 9.04; we already covered the various changes and additions when the beta was announced. "The Ubuntu team is happy to bring you the latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. This is their latest result, the Ubuntu 9.04 release candidate, which brings a host of excellent new features." The various other Ubuntu-derived distributions, like Kubuntu, have also had their RCs released.
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RE: Erm
by Isolationist on Fri 17th Apr 2009 18:36 UTC in reply to "Erm"
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Why isn't this front page news...?

Or are you waiting for the non-rc official release...?

But good news anyway,

Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to whether it will be a good idea to use Ext4 with Jaunty... I've heard it's unstable (I've seen reports of file loss etc), is this still the case or has the stability improved?


On the beta version I have found that the Update Manager freezes when installing a particular update, and this only happens when ext4 is used for "/" mount point. It doesn't happen if I use ext3, so not sure what this is, but will continue to use ext3 for now ...

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