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Apple In a rare case of Apple frankness, the company has allowed a PR person to make a statement to BusinessWeek about the recent Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" ad campaign. Don't read to fast, or you'll miss it: "A PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told BusinessWeek, "The one thing that both Apple and Microsoft can agree on is that everyone thinks the Mac is cool. With its great designs and advanced software, nothing matches it at any price." That's it. Just thought you'd like to know.
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RE: In reality.
by Havin_it on Fri 17th Apr 2009 19:59 UTC in reply to "In reality. "
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But you tend not to have that problem with a Mac. They run like clocks. They last forever, they look cool, they stay running fast for years and you can sell them for a good price when they get old.

I just have to weigh in on that one with my own observations. I know three people who own Macs, all of which are less than 2 years old. Two of them have had to get theirs serviced due to performance slowing to the point of unusability, and none of the optimisation/repair tricks recommended by online sources or Apple support have helped. One of those two also had to be repaired within its first few months due to the battery overheating and badly melting the casing.

Of course I know a great many more owners of PCs, but if two-thirds of them have had issues of that severity (requiring professional assistance) in a 2-year period then I haven't heard about it. I realise this is not very scientific, but I find it hard to buy the "build-quality" part of your case based on my own experience.

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