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FreeBSD KenSmith announced the immediate availability of FreeBSD 7.2-RC1 in the FreeBSD-stable mailing list. "The first of two planned Release Candidates for the FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE cycle is now available. Testing of some of the recent work would be particularly appreciated." The release schedule states that the final release is to be expected early May, at which point we'll cover FreeBSD 7.2 in much more detail.
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RE: What's new?
by sonic2000gr on Fri 17th Apr 2009 21:36 UTC in reply to "What's new?"
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7.2 will be an incremental release of the 7.X series. Most of the new and exciting features in FreeBSD happen on the major versions, like 7.0.
7.1 and the upcoming 7.2 fix bugs, add some drivers and may enhance some subsystems. It is worth having a look at few of the features introduced in 7.0:

- ZFS filesystem
- New ULE scheduler (default in the GENERIC kernel from 7.1 onwards)
- Much better SMP support (fine-grained locking)
- UFS journaling via the GEOM framework
- DTrace
- More drivers etc.

Read more about it here:

8.0-RELEASE is also scheduled for later this year, and you can expect another nice list of new features there too.

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