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General Unix Even though the old-world UNIX operating systems, like IRIX and HP-UX, have been steadily losing ground to Linux for a long time now, they do still get updated and improved. HP-UX 11i v3 is supposed to get update 4 tomorrow, with a host of new features that won't excite you if you're used to Linux, but they're still pretty useful for HP-UX users.
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RE: Linux does not scale
by SEJeff on Sat 18th Apr 2009 00:46 UTC in reply to "Linux does not scale"
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The default number of CPUS the _upstream_ linux kernel supports for x86 is 64.


Do the world and unplug your computer. Please quit trolling. Some of the SGI Linux supercomputers push > 4096 cpus in a SSI (single system image for those that don't know). What the heck do you think the SLUB memory allocator was for? It was for dealing with memory on these crazy NUMA machines with terabytes of memory. How many Solaris boxes do you see with > 1024 cpus in a SSI? None!.

I think HP-UX does this better than anything though. HP Nonstop has a theoretical limit of infinite cpus if memory serves. The rolling upgrades make it pretty much bulletproof.

Moral of the story, "Linux is here to stay and quit being an idiot". Unix is good and it is where most of the ideas in Linux come from.

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