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Mac OS X Remember the Mac trojan that we reported about earlier this year? A trojan was found piggybacking on the back of copies of iWork and Photoshop CS4 found on warez sites and networks, and it would install itself after the user had entered his or her administrator password during the software's installation. This trojan didn't seem like much of a threat back then, but as it turns out, it's now in use in the first Macintosh botnet.
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RE[3]: hmm
by FealDorf on Sat 18th Apr 2009 14:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: hmm"
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Whoops, was away a bit too long.

Virii get in without users' need? Besides Conficker I can't recall a good case. XP's security sucks; no doubt. But I'm not referring to XP. Even in XP; avoiding IE + Autoplay was all it took for me to skip any virii ending up on my laptop for over 2 years.

Your analogy applies just as good for Vista. Nevertheless I don't like analogies to prove a point, they're generally good for teaching only.. IMO

As for the security; take a look at the Miller's interview. Whether you think he's a scumbag or not; the precautions he mentions taken by vista are much superior. There you have it, your "design". On the other hand; how is "leopard's design" any better?

@kaiwai: Seconded.

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