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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Some chaps at Symbian with way too much time on their hands have compiled the current version of the OS onto an Intel Atom processor - proving that you don't have to follow the ARM road to Symbian nirvana. The chaps concerned work for 'S60 in Symbian Customer Operations' and did the port to see if it would work, and if anyone would take an interest. The port is to an Atom reference board from Intel, but demonstrates that Symbian could probably run on a netbook if anyone wanted such a thing."
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Probably wouldn't run on a different atom board either, as it really is the drivers that needs to be there to make the whole thing work. SymbianOS has always been compilable for x86, but the question is how much of the insane parts from the (x86) emulator is still left in this port.

They could have run windows and then run the emulator on top of that and play around and got it to work. But that would just be silly. But it can be done:)

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