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Legal Old World 1, New World 0. The four defendants in the landmark The Pirate Bay case, taking place in Sweden, have all been found guilty, and sentenced to one year in jail. They also received a hefty fine of USD 3.58 million to 17 American media companies, among which are Warner Bros. Entertainment, MGM Pictures, Columbia Pictures Industries, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI, Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, and Activision. The defendants have already stated they will appeal the decision.
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RE: Suck
by Kokopelli on Sat 18th Apr 2009 19:48 UTC in reply to "Suck"
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Freedom fighters? Exactly what are they freedom fighters for? Free Music? They may stand against the RIAA/MPAA but that is not what this case was about. If you want to fight the big megacorps then go for independent labels, don't distribute their works (legally or illegally)

Standing up for the truth? Exactly what truth might that be?

They are the controllers of a very prominent bit torrent tracker. They have voiced their opinion that they believe they are not breaking the law and that if their users are breaking the law then it is the users problem. This puts them at the forefront of the battle of users copying entertainment versus the producers but it does not make them freedom fighters.

Let's just call them what they are. Avant garde in tech if you must, but not truth seekers or freedom fighters, that is just a load of crap. They facilitate copyright infringement on a massive scale and run a site dedicated to just that. This makes many people happy and gives them easy access to free copies of media but that is it. This may or may not be legal in Sweden and honestly I do not care. Legal or illegal, right or wrong, this is what they are doing and what made them "famous."

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