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Mac OS X Remember the Mac trojan that we reported about earlier this year? A trojan was found piggybacking on the back of copies of iWork and Photoshop CS4 found on warez sites and networks, and it would install itself after the user had entered his or her administrator password during the software's installation. This trojan didn't seem like much of a threat back then, but as it turns out, it's now in use in the first Macintosh botnet.
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by FealDorf on Mon 20th Apr 2009 07:06 UTC
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I was actually planning to stay out of this software-repo stuff but oh well:

Software Repos have been quite a pain for me; I generally visit a software's website and instead of a clean link I find myself filtering a long list of software; where I may or may not find it considering that either the naming or whatever is wrong; or face sad issues like two version of same software (happened to KDE for me on Kubuntu). Repos are a necessity due to the hostility shown towards installation; but they don't treat the issue that well.

But even then; the fact that when I try to get a good bunch of software like latest alpha's or certain proprietary software (like opera); I end up either adding a new URL to the package-manager or downloading a deb package.

The distribution maintainers necessarily MUST read the code in order to be able to put it into repositories.

That's reminds me of my university examinations go (i'm still studying btw) -- there are about 300 affiliated colleges; so the examiners seem to correct solely on basis of how neat the examination paper looks -- to the point that a friend who attempts 1.5 questions in the entire paper gets complete marks for both the questions and passes the examination.
Even in this case; repo's tend to carry proprietary software and I'm not sure if they get into look into the code..

Proprietary software in repos => Malware chances
Package Downloads => Malware chances
Custom Repos => strange issues + "theoretical" chances of malware

"theoretically" macs were malware-proof too..

@werpu: Yes I know the lines tend to be blurry (despite the apparent distinction demanded in the thread) but Windows Defender's functionality is only limited to malware, so I said that. The point is that it immediately indicates the installation/presence of a malware; and it's not like UAC to pop now and then.

I've encountered it on only one occassion (*other than msconfig) in the last two years. So unless we're talking about users like my friend who I posted about; it does its job as intended. User stupidity does count yes, but we're talking about "real" stupids here not the case of "stupider than the average geek" users.

Personally; I think Defender is underrated; probably 'cuz it's Microsoft; or probably cuz the beta wasn't quite effective. It's based on GIANT antispyware which was quite a good one in the market at that time. Personally I disdain installing alternatives unless we REALLY need to install one (e.g., IE8. thankfully it'll come to an end..) or if it comes in suites or so..

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