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Oracle and SUN We've been debating the merits of a possible IBM-Sun deal for a while now, and even Sun itself seemed to be in the dark as to if it would be a good idea to be bought by IBM. These debates are now all moot: in a surprise move (at least, I didn't see any speculation about it) Oracle has bought Sun Microsystems, at USD 9.50 a share, which equates to a total of 7.4 billion USD. The news got out through a press release.
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RE: What about mysql?
by boblowski on Mon 20th Apr 2009 15:45 UTC in reply to "What about mysql?"
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MySQL is gpl it won't go bye bye, but there is definitely a conflict here.

For Sun MySQL as a product had a business value. Even though they did not make much/any money from it, it had a tactical place in Sun's offerings and as such could count on Sun's investment and support. For Oracle MySQL is nothing more than a competitor turned into bait for a real sell. (Even 11g 'Express Edition' is hardly a light weight entry level database. It's more like a neutered version of the real thing. Still as top heavy, just less powerfull.)

Seriously, I feel an 'OpenMySQL' fork on its way...

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