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Hardware, Embedded Systems One Laptop Per Child has refreshed its XO-1 laptop hardware, dumping chips from AMD in favour of processors from Via Technologies, the VIA C7-M. "In our continued effort to maintain a low price point, OLPC is refreshing the hardware to take advantage of the latest component technologies," OLPC officials wrote. Note that we are talking about the current OLPC laptop, and not any upcoming models.
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RE: computers vs food
by Hypnos on Tue 21st Apr 2009 10:24 UTC in reply to "computers vs food"
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Food and medical aid do have tangible benefits -- in the short run.

Capital investments, esp. in rule of law and education, will help developing regions in the long run.

OLPC is supposed to be part of the "education" aspect, meant to help countries leapfrog into the 21st century economy (like India has, leveraging its large based of educated, English-literate workers). It's debatable how effective it is in this endeavor ...

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