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Windows Windows Vista wasn't exactly a success, and as such, Microsoft needed different people to manage the development of Windows 7. One of those new people is Julie Larson-Green, who made a very good showing with Microsoft Office 2007, which took the bold move of replacing the menu-driven interface with the newly designed Ribbon interface. The Sydney Morning Herald (awesome name) decided to take a look at who, exactly, Larson-Green is.
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RE: Ribbon Interface
by davidiwharper on Tue 21st Apr 2009 14:21 UTC in reply to "Ribbon Interface"
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You may be right, but that screenshot clearly shows a bunch of toolbars and - unlike Office 2007, which does away with them - application menus.

Others may have opened the door, but Microsoft is the company that was brave enough not only to walk through it but to lock the door so that nobody could go back.

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